Televate Releases White Paper Examining Business Models of the Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network

Vienna, Va.—Televate LLC, a leading public safety communications and information technology consulting company, recently released its white paper “The Business Modeling of the Nationwide Public Safety Network (NPSBN): A Capital and Operational Expenditure Financial Model Analysis.” The white paper explores seven potential scenarios for constructing and operating the NPSBN and examines whether the potential $7 billion in federal funding and federal, state and local government wireless spending is sufficient to fully deploy and operate the nationwide network.   The paper considers options for delivering broadband wireless service to the public safety community, including coverage levels, partnership structures, and system hardening.

Key findings from Televate’s whitepaper based on the scenarios modeled include:

  • The projected cost to deploy the nationwide network varies from $12.5 to $16.4 billion, far exceeding the potential $7 billion in federal funding.
  • Network operations costs exceed projected public safety usage revenues by $1.5 to $2.0 billion.
  • Considerable savings are possible if commercial and public safety assets can be leveraged.

The white paper stresses the importance of the State and Local Implementation Grant Program (SLIGP) to ensure that a solution considers public safety needs and leverages all available resources.

“There are many ways public safety can capitalize on this once in a lifetime opportunity,” said Joe Ross, Televate’s co-founder and senior partner. “This paper shows the importance of building a system that can meet the needs of public safety and engages private partners in the effort.  It provides critical economic information to public safety decision makers on the key challenges and opportunities our nation faces as it seeks to implement a nationwide network.”

Televate co-founder and Managing Partner Rick Burke believes that successful implementation of the NPSBN will revolutionize public safety communications and provide state, local and federal governments with much needed secure and interoperable broadband data communications.  “Televate is proud of our past and present support to the broadband initiative and we are hopeful that the NPSBN financial white paper and business model will benefit FirstNet, the states, and potential partners as they assess and plan their NPSBN business options,” said Burke.

The white paper can be downloaded here.


About Televate, LLC
Televate, LLC is a leading public safety consultancy delivering innovative communications and IT services and solutions for public safety and critical infrastructure industries.  With over a decade of public safety broadband advocacy and experience, our program management and engineering experts design sustainable, interoperable land mobile radio, wireless broadband networks and applications, and information technology communications solutions to deliver the tools and information to power public safety missions.

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