ASAP Makes a Difference in Houston Burglary

Automated Secure Alarm Protocol in Use

On Tuesday 12/01/11 around 1:30 a.m., a Monitronics 3rd shift Emergency Dispatch Operator, Delia Rico, received a counter motion burglary alarm from a sandwich shop in Houston, Texas. Monitronics is an alarm monitoring central station that uses the ANSI-approved Automated Secure Alarm Protocol (ASAP) program, formerly known as the External Alarm Interface Exchange. So does the Houston Emergency Center.

Delia quickly called the sandwich shop, but when no one answered the operator began calling the manager immediately. Just as the phone number was ringing, Delia also received a cooler motion burglary alarm. When Delia told the manager what was happening at his business he said “Dispatch the police!”

Without hesitation Delia sent an alarm notification using ASAP within seconds to the Houston Emergency Center. Houston PD officers were rolling in a flash. Due to their fast action, the Houston PD called Monitronics back in less than six minutes to advise that three suspects had been arrested.

Great Job Delia, Monitronics, the HEC and Houston PD! This arrest has pleased Monitronics’ customer and saved his property. It’s also more supporting proof that CAD dispatch and the ASAP program works great!

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